The Right City and the right Mortgage Options

The evolution of a visitor in any large city looks like this. First, we shoot the most dead for two or three people in the suburbs. Then we move to a more or less decent apartment close to the center and build a community cell there. And finally, take a loan and move to your own. Until the last stage, by the way, only the most persistent ones reach. First tip: Do not be afraid of mortgages, it does not bite

Many Russians have set aside a stereotype: they say, a mortgage is bondage for a long time. And get into it only insane can. But if so, it means that in Russia there are already millions of crazy people. Those who decided their housing issue with a mortgage. And they do not seem to complain. You can get the support from the mortgage broker Geelong .

With the help of a brick, on the one hand, you can build a house. And on the other hand, a brick can fall from the roof of someone’s head. That is, the brick itself is neither good nor evil. Mortgage is the same story. This is not good and not evil; it’s just a financial tool that helps to solve certain tasks in a person’s life.

What mortgage will be for you depends on many nuances. We turn to them.

Learning to Save Money

The decision to buy an apartment must be made in advance – at least six months before the planned deal. And carefully approach the issue. Understand what kind of apartment you want, how much money you do not have and how much money you can take each month from your family budget.

Your task is to save at least 20% of the cost of the desired apartment. A contribution of 50% in general looks ideal. Moreover, the rate depends on its magnitude. The more you deposit your own money, the smaller the percentage will have to be paid to the bank.

The analysis of various options should be allocated a few months, sometimes up to six months. This time is necessary to save up the initial installment, pick up an apartment and choose a bank with the best conditions.

We choose the most favorable rate

According to the portal, about 50 banks are actively engaged in mortgages in Russia. Many other credit organizations have this product, but the lowest rates are usually offered by specialized mortgage banks (or those that work under AHML programs – see below). When you realize that you have accumulated the initial installment, proceed with the choice of the lender.

It is better to visit 5 – 10 different banks to find out all the nuances of mortgage registration, and then submit a package of documents to those organizations that will offer the best conditions. For such a long loan as a mortgage, the rate plays a very important role. Decrease even by 0.1% per annum will allow you to save tens of thousands of rubles. If we are talking about 1 – 2%, then this is hundreds of thousands of rubles overpayment.